Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Special Edition and a Hudson Valley photo shoot

Back in May, we looked out and saw the MOST beautiful car we'd ever seen parked on our drive. Nadia would admit that cars aren't her strong point, but there was no mistaking that this one was a cut above the rest. The style of it just blew her away....what was it??? Turns out it really was a 2010 Aston Martin, a DBS Carbon Black Special Edition no less, on loan to Stephen Walker, the Photo Director of Nylon mag. He stayed with us one weekend and took the DBS on a photoshoot in the Hudson Valley. This is a very, very special car.......thanks for letting us take the photos and have a closer look! You can feast your eyes on more at
We thought we'd share this on the day that James Bond's 1964 DB5 sold for a cool $4 million (all proceeds going to charity) - here's the film clip where 007 gets the car. Just don't touch the red button.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Groote Kamer" (Great Room)

We have been working hard to restore what we are calling the "Groote Kamer" or Great Room. Located on the ground floor, with it's own drive, patio and entrance, the 22' x 17' room features the remains of an 18th Century Dutch "jambless" fireplace, glorious wide plank floors, a reproduction panelled board wall enclosing the bathroom, enormous beams and the original wide plank ceiling.

This is a room that's still evolving. Eventually the outside door will be a reproduction Dutch door (the kind that's cut in half horizontally), and the fireplace hood is being reconstructed as we speak......The beautiful hand crafted chandelier comes from Hurley Patentee Lighting, which is actually right next door to us! The Patentee Manor was the next house that the original Kool/Cole family went on to build after this one, so it's especially appropriate for our lighting to come from there, and wonderful that their designs are so authentic.