Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Origami

We like to have fun with our seasonal gifts for guests. Here we're using origami to make small boxes for chocolates; - these come free with your reservation on and around the 14th. (Although we're nearly full both weekends either side of the 14th, there's still good availability on the day - and if you'd like one of these for any booking in February, just call and request one).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Second only to the Virgin Islands........

We've always said that this area has the potential to grow as a tourist destination. Last year, we were featured as a 'gourmet' destination by the Canadian press, and now the Lonely Planet has rated the Hudson Valley #2 in its top 10 US travel destinations for 2012, (just after the US Virgin Islands). To quote: "It’s a real city break, with leafy drives, wineries and plenty of farm-to-table foodie options that draw even spoiled-for-choice Manhattanites away from the city."

(The photo is of Lake Minnewaska, taken by Sam).