Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's cold out there.........

Today it was between 5 and 16 degrees Fahrenheit, or about -15 and -9 degrees Centigrade/Celsius. Last year there was hardly any snow, this year we've had our drives snow-plowed about 6 times already! There's about a foot out there right now. We often go to the Shawangunks, where friends are actually cross-country skiing to visit each other - the snow's been just right for laying new tracks.

As we're right next to a rail trail that leads to High Falls, we're thinking of getting our own skis and doing the same. High Falls (about 15-20 minutes by road) is a great place to go eat, and has a surprising wealth of furniture, antique, culinary and gift shops, perhaps partly due to its proximity to the Mohonk Mountain House. Many guests at that famous hotel come down the mountain to shop and eat there. Here are some good photos of the Shawangunks taken in warmer weather: .

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