Friday, June 25, 2010


There are floral fireworks in our garden at this time of year - like these delicate Hollyhocks, reminding us of cottage gardens back in England (we are both from the UK). The Hollyhocks are doing very well this year and some are reaching enormous proportions!
Also fresh from our garden - blackcurrants and whitecurrants, as seen here in Nadia's "black and white cheesecake". We've picked 10 lbs of blackcurrants from just four bushes, which equals about twenty pounds of jam...hard to believe they were just four small sticks in the ground two years ago when we planted them.
As for the real fireworks: - you can start the July 4th weekend early by enjoying a firework display at the Rondout waterfront in nearby Kingston, NY, this Sunday June 27th. The street festival starts at 4pm and includes live music - the fireworks start at 9.30pm.

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