Sunday, September 12, 2010

11th Annual Hudson River Valley Ramble

The Hudson River Valley Ramble celebrates the history, culture and natural resources of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, as well as the amazing landscape, communities, and trails throughout the region. What began as a modest event that was held during one weekend in September, has grown in popularity and in numbers over the years. This year, the Ramble takes places over three weekends in September.
Guided walks on 9/18 include 'Birding for Late Risers' at Minnewaska Lake and looking at wildlife on the Esopus by Saugerties. There's also a 'Panther Mountain History Hike' in the Catskills, taking in Giant Ledge and the summit.
On 9/24 there's a 'Harvest Moonwalk' on the railtrail between New Paltz and Highland, and on 9/25 there's 'Exploring the railtrail in Rosendale' and 'The Rondout National Historic District Walking Tour' - the Rondout is now part of Kingston, but was once its own important port, with large paddle steamers and mountains of coal from the many barges that docked there.
All these are 15-30 minutes away from us. There are many more to choose from, and also several kayak trips. Let someone else plan your day for you and just relax into the landscape and the company!

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