Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thank you for all your wonderful reviews!

We've only been with since last summer, so we're very happy they gave us this "Award of Excellence"! Thank you everyone on that particular site for giving us 9.7 out of 10 last year.

Of course our cat Mila isn't allowed in the B&B, only in our apartment, but he is allowed on the porch, and while we were taking photos there, we distinctly heard him say he wanted to be in the picture here he is. We got Mila shortly before moving here, which makes him seven years old. This might be his first appearance on the blog, though!

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Unknown said...

We recently stayed at the Stone House B & B and loved it. We arrived on a dark, rainy night and woke in "Girl with a Pearl Earring," to walls of old stone, thick yellow pine beams & wide planked floors; to purple alstromeria in a red vase deep in a whitewashed window well. Rooms named for works by Vermeer suggest his hushed, window-lit interiors. Resting near Esopus Creek on land deeded in 1661 ("around the time he was painting"), the oldest part of the Stone House dates from 1705. Breakfasts of seeded oat bread, homemade granola, fresh fruit, and mushroom fritatas are wholesome and filling. The old canopy beds, scented soaps, aptly named Nirvana cotton towels in each room are bits of luxury in this place redolent of early American history.

Lily Jarman-Reisch