Monday, October 20, 2008

Baking Speculaas cookies

Nadia Scoggins writes:

We found two wonderful cookie molds last weekend at the Woodstock fleamarket, a bargain at $5! The fleamarket there is thriving, full of interesting stuff, and definitely worth a visit. Speculaas cookies are an age-old tradition from the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. The spiced dough is pressed into handcarved wooden blocks and the excess is cut away. The tricky bit is tapping them out onto the baking tray. I knew them as Spekulatius when I was a child, which is the German name, and you can see one of the molds my mum used to use top left of the picture. They tasted good, but I'm going to try a few recipes out.....the dusting with icing sugar/powdered sugar is my idea, I thought it brought out the detail. It was fun to be doing something that the first inhabitants of this house might have done too!

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