Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Uncovering the past

Nadia Scoggins writes:

We've collected many artefacts from the attic, the cellar, and behind old walls, as we've renovated. This was lying in the dust in the attic, and has "A. Bogardus Photographer 18th St & Broadway, New York" written on it.

The house is believed to have been built by the Kool family. Subsequently the Myer family owned the house for many years. A Myer family bible handed to us by the last owners traces their ancestry back to Christian Myer, born 1688.

In another family bible, the last Myer to live here, Sarah Catherine Myer, is recorded as having been born in 1886. The death of Sarah Catherine Myer Clearwater is recorded as 1959, and her child Olive Myer Clearwater, born 1920, lived here for most of the last century. Olive never married, and bequeathed everything to the Palens. It is the Palens who gave us the family bibles and many other items that they felt "should stay with the house".

Was this Olive Clearwater's father? Or her grandfather? Her grandfather was apparently born in 1857, and if this was taken in the mid 1890s he would have been around 35, which looks about right.....

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