Friday, October 24, 2008

View of Catskill State Park

This was the view this morning from one of our guest rooms across the garden towards the Esopus Creek. You can see across the corn fields to Hurley Mountain, which is at the south-eastern edge of the Catskill State Park. Our trees here are mainly Black Walnut, which we have found out produce nuts that are quite different to the English Walnuts we're used to. A quick search on google reveals that Black Walnuts are difficult to harvest, but their taste is apparently well worth the effort.......Gathering walnuts will have to wait until next year, though, as we were recently tempted by Farmer Gill's green tomatoes at $10 a bushel.......With 26 pints of green tomato chutney neatly stacked in the cellar, and another 12 pounds of them still in the refridgerator, we haven't managed to do anything else yet. The two giant trees at the front of the house are Sugar Maples, so we'll see if we can make some Maple Syrup in the Spring....

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